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Crystals, Menopause and Me

Catherine Jenkins

As a woman currently experiencing menopausal “illumination”, I too have been subject to the messaging and belief systems out there that communicate to women … this is the end. Feeling completely dissatisfied with “is that all there is?” philosophies, I embarked upon a journey to explore the well-kept secret gifts that I believe are present through this transition. Why wouldn’t there be? Mother Nature gave us a cycle for a purpose – so why wouldn’t she give purpose to ALL aspects of the cycle. Thus, Menopause Rocks was born.

Menopause Rocks is about blurring the lines. I know what happens biologically and I've read the sometimes negative social messages about what is to come, but I also know our bodies are wise and our internal guidance system is even wiser. So why not combine science and our intuition and tap in to experiencing the inevitable in a nurturing, spiritual way?

Why Crystals and what about that Moon?

I believe Mother Nature has given us everything we need to support ourselves. Crystals are from the earth and can serve as nurturing tools to help us understand what is happening to us and assist us in FEELING our way through this transition to arrive at our best selves. The Moon is the Universe's clock. Our cycles are directly synchronized to the phases of the moon. As the moon ebbs and flows - so do we. The Moon begins it's continuous, never ending role each month from the New Moon darkness to its complete illumination in the Full Moon - I believe that women mimic this continuous cycle.

I don't suggest crystals are the only medicine but I believe that coupled with our intention- they are a powerful, unique and fun way to explore how we can empower ourselves to learn more about the spiritual, physical and emotional changes our bodies are experiencing. 

I began a Crystal healing practice to share my enthusiasm about Crystals in 2013. 

Menopause Rocks is the start of a conversation I wish to have with all of you about Menopause. It is a conversation I wish my mother could have had with me about what to expect.  I hope to fully realize alongside all of you that this transition can lead you to do things you never thought you could have or would have done before…

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have - I'm on this path with you!


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