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About Me

Cathy Jenkins, Owner of Menopause Rocks.


I’ve always sought out the magical and positive spin in normal every day life happenings. Some days that spin is hard to find even though it’s always there. It has been this curiosity that has led me to discover aspects within our world that are filled with endless inspirations, ideologies and practices that I didn’t learn in school or growing up in my family.

I am a passionately optimistic, a cup half full kind of person! Now that I did learn from my family. I suppose that’s why I have always felt the courage and total enthusiasm to explore and expand and discover many healing tools, teachers and belief systems that have helped me to live authentically.

On my quest for expansion and to be my best self, I’ve experienced many fascinating practices. Now, many years later, I find myself looking back amazed at how one step taken always led to the perfect next step for me at the time. I doubt I will ever stop learning and growing.

I began to study how to use some of the tools and practices that I discovered, and decided to compile them and share them with others. My hope is you will consider this an invitation to explore opportunities to restore your inner self and connect with an inner peace that is possible while existing in a life that is so fast paced and where multi tasking is the norm.

Some practices and suggestions will resonate with you more than others and that’s okay! The fun is in the trying. This doesn’t always need to be serious “ommmm” business!

I hope you will connect with what we’ve created here at Crystal Transformation to empower you to live your fullest, most passionate and perfect self and find your magical spin.