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Chakra Balancing

30 minute clearing and 15 minute debrief and stone kit “lesson”.  Price includes a Chakra Stone Kit ( 9 crystals and guide) for you to keep for $50.00

The word chakra is a Sanskrit term meaning wheel and signifies a series of wheel like places of energy which exist above the surface of the body and connect through the spine to the glandular centres. There are 7 major chakras associated with the body.

The effect of a balanced flow of energy to the chakras is a sense of well being and peacefulness allowing the body to vibrate more quickly. Stones and crystals allow us to use two of the most fundamental healing characteristics: energy and colour.

Using crystals, I check for imbalances and blocks and bring your chakras back in to alignment. I will give you a “chakra map” after the session that will show you what the status was of your chakras and how you can use your new Chakra kit to continue to balance on your own.


 Email crystaltransformation@gmail.com for bookings.