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 We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions from customers to help aid you in using your Crystal Collections to their utmost potential!


Question: What do I do with the crystals once I get them?

Answer:  Each Crystal Collection comes with a helpful insert that describes the property of each stone and gives a suggestion on how to use it.

Question:  I don't know anything about crystals so I'm not sure if this is right for me.

Answer:  You don't need to be a crystal wizard to use crystals! Everyone needs to start somewhere. Being curious and open are the only prerequisites you need to start to explore and experience the power of crystals. Trust that intuitively you will connect with what the stones have to offer.  You learn more by using them just like anything else!

Question: I'm using my crystals in my collection but I am still experiencing symptoms - they must not be working.

Answer:  If one crystal could eliminate hot flashes I would market it and become a happy "cool" millionairess! I am offering a unique addition to your daily routine using crystals. The crystals have their own vibration, in partnership with YOUR intention and belief, I believe they can make an impact - small or big. My hope is that you learn about how there are many tools available to you that contribute to a sense of all over well being-ness like meditation, yoga, diet, exercise, crystals.......

Question: What if I'm not experiencing all of the symptoms outlined in the kit, can I use them to help me with other issues besides menopause symptoms?

Answer:  Absolutely! The crystals have been chosen for their collection because they align with a symptom of menopause but aren't only used for that symptom. Read the insert, there are a variety of uses you can amplify or expand on. For example, if you want an increase of love, clarity, confidence, peace  - use the crystal that best describes that feeling, set an intention of what you want the crystal to do for you and experience it's magic.

Question:  I am experiencing or have a sister/daughter/mother/niece/granddaughter experiencing other female issues besides menopause and would love a Crystal Collection that meets their needs. Do you sell crystals for other female related symptoms?

Answer: That is a great idea and one we have thought about. Let us know what you are wanting, I would be more than happy to develop a collection to help support women experiencing  a range of physical and emotional moments.

Question: I am pregnant and I found your website. What if I wanted to use a crystal for insomnia since I am having difficulties sleeping. Would that harm me in any way?

Answer:  Absolutely not, nor would it harm your child. Pregnant women would benefit from utilizing these crystals to aid with the symptoms their menopausal sisters are experiencing too!

Question: I have a sister/colleague/mother/ female connection that is experiencing a less than ideal transition through this phase. I would like to gift them a crystal collection but am unsure how it will be received. Any tips on how to give this and it be received with the nurturing sentiment it was intended?

Answer: You are giving the gift of nurturing crystals - trust and believe that your loving intention in giving is accepted in the receiving. Know that you are offering tools helping them transition that could be the connection they are unknowingly looking for. Crystals have a wisdom and an intelligence about them that you have to trust. Still stuck? You can give them as a unique gift of lovely stones  - who wouldn't like that thoughtfulness? 

Question: I have been using the Menopause Rocks Crystal Collection and I have symptoms that aren't in the kit but I see them in another Crystal Collection. Is there a way I can I mix and match the crystals?

Answer: At this time each crystal has specifically been chosen to maximize how they work with each other in addition to meeting the general symptoms/needs of a woman specific to her phase.  We, like the crystals, are individual and unique so if you find that there are stones you would like to meet your needs, please contact me about customizing a box for you. Please see below.

 Menopause Rocks return policy: if your crystals are damaged upon delivery please email us at menopauserocks@gmail.com

 If you are interested in having a customized Crystal Collection for your specific needs, please contact me and let me know what you would like. I believe we are beautiful works in progress and your needs may change. I am walking alongside you through this process so please let me know.