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Why Menopause, Crystals, and the Moon...

Menopause Rocks  

Menopause Rocks believes in the power of using nature’s tools in the form of crystals to provide support for women as they navigate through the natural changes occurring in their bodies during menopause. These specifically chosen crystals will help to reveal the truth, that this is a new beginning- not an ending. Each box contains different crystals that support the physical and emotional transitions your body is going through specific to your individual stage: Peri-menopause, Menopause, Post-menopause.

I invite you to compare your transitions to the infinite changing phases of the moon which our bodies’ cycles are so connected to. Just as the moon moves through phases from the darkness of the New Moon to the illumination of the Full Moon – our bodies move through the same expansion from darkness to illumination - the beginning of menopause through to life after menopause.

My hope is that the experience with your crystals through these unfamiliar shifts will help you transform any unease you may have to feelings of inner peace. This is an opportunity to conjure a state of anticipation for the wisdom, joy and freedom that comes while moving through this powerful passage.


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