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Host Your Own Dream Board Party

Parties are typically 2 hours and can be offered in the evening or on a weekend right in your own home for $40.00 per person. 

Create Your Own Dream Board Party

* Giving your imagination and spirit time to learn how to intentionally focus on manifesting your dreams *

What you can expect from the evening:

  • Gathering with like-minded people
  • Dedicating time to weaving YOUR dreams
  • Learning how to manifest
  • Creating your own Dream Board
  • Experiencing the power of group intention
  • Discovering the wealth of support to help you on your journey

Materials needed:

  • Magazines related to YOUR dreams to use for cutting and pasting
  • Bristol board – choose a colour and size that calls to YOU

We will supply more magazines, scissors, glue…..and all the rest.

 Email crystaltransformation@gmail.com for bookings.