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Host Your Own Wellness Day

Host Your Own Wellness Day



Throughout the year, Crystal Transformation hosts what we like to call “Wellness Days”. We assemble healers to come together on a Saturday to offer 30 – 45 minute individual treatments/readings/sessions for you to sign up for. It is an opportunity for you to experience a few types of healing sessions in one day. It is a very relaxed time and because of the popularity, we have expanded it to include two days so we can accommodate all of the appointment requests. We will post upcoming Wellness Days and Weekends here so you can start planning to reserve some time for you to explore, experience and relax!

Some healers that have been in attendance offer:

  • Crystal Rejuvenation
  • Chakra Clearing
  • Intuitive Readings
  • Soul Readings
  • Ear Candeling

Feel free to suggest, request what you would like, we will do our best to accommodate.


Host your own Wellness day

What’s involved?

You provide the space and we bring the healers!

Healers will offer shorter appointments ( typically 30 minutes) so that your guests can explore and experience various healing modalities if they choose throughout the day.

You can choose to offer your home for a half day or full day or you can use space ( for free) to host your friends

Practitioners/Healers will require a quiet area/ room to set up in to receive clients.

** what type of healers and treatments can you expect to choose from?

Crystal Rejuvenation, Chakra Clearing, Intuitive Readings, Soul Readings, Ear Candeling

Feel free to suggest, request what you would like, we will do our best to accommodate.

What do you need to do?

You could decide on a theme for your day or afternoon. Some suggestions:

  • Wine, Cheese and Crystals
  • Renew and Revitalize
  • New Year, New You
  • Let Go and Let the Crystals”
  • February – a time for love…SELF LOVE
  • “Spring Cleaning and Clearing”

We can customize the day’s theme that will speak to your friends best.


Send the Invitation out to your friends and have them contact you to book their time slot ( I will give you a tracking sheet of the session treatment times to make booking easy)

Be present on the day to welcome your friends before their appointment and the healers do the rest!

Following the treatment, people need to ground themselves so offering them a glass of water will be a nurturing gesture.


What will you receive in return for Hosting?

In addition to reaping the benefits of having your home infused with the magical, healing energy of the crystals we would like to gift you a special Hostess Package in appreciation of your generosity for the day:

  • 1 kg bag of Himalayan Salts
  • A pouch of Maritime Facial Mud from Stillpoint Intuition
  • A sage smudge stick used for clearing stagnant energy in your home
  • Your choice of crystal to keep