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My Favourite Healers

Mary Anne Complak
Mary Anne Complak 
We are all born with the gift of intuitiveness, but I feel we grow up
quickly forgetting this wondrous tool we always have at our disposal.  I
believe every one of us has the ability to tune in to ourselves and discover
the answers to the very questions we are asking! There are times, however,
when we need the support of someone to offer us direction and guidance to
further us along on our journey.
An intuitive reading with me can help provide insight into a particular
the decision you need to make, a career change, a relationship issue or guidance
about your life in general.  I look forward to helping you remember
who you Really are and to fully live the magnificent life you were
born to live!
For more information please visit our website at stillpointintuition.com 

Stillpoint Intuition



Susan Bradley

Susan Bradley 


What are you searching for? Are you seeking general information about your life? Wondering what your path or purpose is? Facing an obstacle? Wanting direction on how to become a happier, more fulfilled person? Then an intuitive, spiritual reading with Susan may help!
Using her intuitive abilities, she connects to your guides to give you the messages you need to hear at this time in your life. With compassion and love, she believes we can all open up to hear our all-knowing inner voice that is truly unique to each of us. We are all born with intuitive knowledge, tuning in to this connection helps us to connect with our soul’s purpose so we can live a more loving, joyful life.
30 minute reading for $40.00
60 minute reading for $80.00 
For any questions or to book a session with Susan email her at susanbradley19@gmail.com